July 2017 notes

We have definitely been busy with updating.  So far this year, we've added microwaves to every room, renewed all ground floor and cottage bathrooms, added a Fire pit (we provide free firewood) and a gas grill (we provide cooking utensils and free propane), replaced all curtains and bedding, upgraded night stands, added multi-plugs with USB charging, and begun the process of upgrading our TVs (for example, we now have 48" flat screens in our Queen rooms).  Plus, we furnished each room with its own granite-top end table on the patio to provide a place for your drinks or phone while enjoying the fresh air outside.  And we added two brand new picnic tables in the back yard for family or group gatherings near the river.

In addition, we've installed 7 high-speed Wi-Fi networks throughout the facility assuring that every room has a great connection.  We upgraded all the electrical and replaced all the antiquated smoke detectors with new, state-of-the-art hard wired, battery backup, combination smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors.  And we recently replaced all the Motel water heaters effectively doubling our hot water capacity.

Our current upgrade activity includes replacing about 80% of our beds with newer, longer beds.  And we intend to convert our 3 upstairs Doubles to Kings during this phase.  On top of this, there are a number of facility projects that have gone on in the background (some are ongoing right now) including asbestos abatement (we are now 100% asbestos-free), foundation repair, electrical service upgrade in the Cottages and Office building, new Cedar siding being installed on the Office building, more chairs for guests to lounge in the flower garden and back yard along the river, repaired leaks in the pool, doubled the capacity of our laundry for quicker turnaround of rooms, safety covers on pool suction inlets, and more.  Again, all of this in just 9 months (since we purchased the business on Oct. 31st, 2016).

We thank all our guests for their feedback, and want them to know that we are steadfast in our mission to provide the best value for the money when it comes to lodging in the White Mountains.  While we believe this is an impressive list of accomplishments for only our first 9 months in ownership, we do not intend to stop here.  Stay with us and watch as we continue to provide more updates, and in the near future, brick and mortar additions as we continue to transform The White Mountain Motel and Cottages into a destination spot unto itself.

September 2017 notes

Despite record business this summer (Thank You!), we managed to maintain progress with the upgrades.  Towards the end of August our ice machine died.  We gave it an immediate burial at the town dump and ordered a new one.  Installed within about 5 days of the old one dying, we now have a brand new and larger ice machine available to our guests.  With a cycle of only 15 minutes, no one will ever run out of ice again.

Another major accomplishment during the summer was the upgrading of all the old double beds.  We replaced all double beds in the downstairs motel units with thicker, XL mattresses (6” longer than the previous ones).  The upstairs double mattresses were eliminated as we converted those three rooms to Kings.  Now we have three Queens and three Kings upstairs.  The beds are big, and the rooms are more spacious because there is only one bed per room.  Plus, we have updated the TVs in these 6 rooms to 43” or larger, and added all new night stands (Granite top in the Queens, Glass top in the Kings).  The old flat, hard mattresses are now relegated to history.  You won’t find them here.

We added a DVD library with over 500 titles!  Guests are now able to check out DVDs and even borrow a DVD player to enable watching them on the TV in their room.  And of course, we still have a few games and books if that’s more your style.  This is all complimentary for our guests’ pleasure!  While we had already replaced all motel and cottage front-bedroom curtains with light-blocking curtains, we have now replaced all cottage back-bedroom windows with light-blocking curtains, allowing you to sleep through those early sunrises. Cottage 1 received two updates:  A new Queen-Sized sleeper sofa in the living room (replacing the old red one that was not very attractive or comfortable) and a brand new 40” Flat Screen TV.  

Keep checking back, the updates will continue.

November 2017 notes

With the completion of all upstairs units this month, we have now updated 100% of our bathrooms (new shower/tub enclosures, including new plumbing, grab bars, and curved curtain rods for extra room).  We are also happy to announce that we finally replaced the last CRT TV (Dinosaur), and now 100% of our rooms are equipped with Flat Screen TVs.  All TVs are equipped with both HDMI and A/V inputs compatible with most devices, including the DVD Players we loan out from the office for your movie night pleasure.

We have installed hair dryers in every bathroom (Motel and Cottages). The Hot Water Heater that supplies both the Office/Residence and Cottage 1 has been replaced, effectively doubling the capacity.  No more out-of-hot-water anywhere on the property now.

We finally completed the year-long project of installing cedar siding on the office/residence.  This project has taken so long because we did the work ourselves, and it always kept taking a back seat to higher priority items that more directly affected our guests’ stay.  But it was an eye sore, and now it’s done.  Just needs to be stained and trim painted.

We installed a new engineered-to-fit safety cover for our pool.  This means that the snow and rain will pass through it, but all the leaves and particulate will not, allowing us to open the pool in the spring much sooner.  In past years, it would take 2 to 3 weeks trying to get the pool clean of all the murky rotting leaves. Now the water will already be clean to start with and will only need a couple of days to adjust chemically.  Our goal is to have the pool ready for guests by the Memorial Day weekend, and keep it heated and operational through Labor Day. We replaced our old pool heater (that actually died right around Labor Day) with a brand new, more efficient unit.  Now our guests will be able to enjoy our steady 82F pool, from 6 am to 10 pm every day, from about Memorial Day to at least Labor Day.

We have now added Flat Screen TVs to the back bedrooms of all 4 Cottages (so both bedrooms in each Cottage has its own TV). And all 12 Motel rooms have been furnished with a new cabinet that fits in the small hall next to the bathrooms, which holds the refrigerator, microwave, and coffee station.  This frees up all the space on the dressers/credenzas for our guests’ use.

Keep checking back every few months.... the work continues!